Easy Multiblock Structures Mod 1.7.10

What will the mod add:

Easy Multiblock Structures Mod will provide you with a number of exciting features which make you relaxed.

  • Easy way to create complex machines and structures
  • Clean and easy to understand API
  • Useful commands and functions to create your very own multiblock.

Future plans:

  • Add more complex possibilities
  • Expand API and add new commands

You are free to use API in Your mods but You are not allowed to change anything in API. All you need is to know how to make a simple Block or BlockContainer.

On its own, the mod will add some helpful multiblocks. Everything will be based on the API.

EM Furnace Core Crafting:

stone brick, iron bars, stone brick

iron bars, lava bucket, iron bars

stone brick, Furnace, stone brick

1st floor

stone bricks – stone brick – stone brick

stone brick – stone brick -stone brick

stone brick – stone brick – stone brick

2nd floor

stone brick – iron bars – stone brick

iron bars – lava – iron bars

stone brick ? EM Furnace – stone brick

3rd floor

stone bricks- stone brick – stone brick

stone brick – stone brick -stone brick

stone brick – stone brick -stone brick

Here are some pictures:

Zombie Prison:

Zombie Pig Prison:

Enderman Prison:

Creeper Prison:

Blaze Prison:

Skeleton Prison:

Water / Lava Multiblock Source detector:

Multiblock Homes


Ender Dragon Spawner. After spawn Dragon will probably destroy diamond blocks. Block in the middle is ?Prison Core?.

Wither Spawner ? (Block in the middle is ?Prison Core?)

Download Easy Multiblock Structures Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: seia6666

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