Dungeon Arena Remix Map 1.10.2

Choose a powerful class with a unique play style. Fight against waves of monsters in themed arenas. Gain gold by defeating enemies and beating arenas. Spend gold to upgrade your class, unlock perks and arenas, and buy items. Become as strong as you can to defeat the final arena.

Randomized waves and bosses means that you can replay the map again and again, but have a new experience every time. You can repick your class at any time with no penalties. You can choose from 5 difficulties if you want more of a challenge. The map automatically makes enemies stronger when playing with more players.

  • Estimated play time: 1 hour
  • Recommended players: 1-8


  • 7 unique and powerful classes
  • 11 themed dungeons
  • custom enemies
  • randomized waves
  • bosses and bonuses
  • class upgrades
  • perks
  • an item shop
  • infinite upgrades
  • 5 difficulties
  • a custom resource pack
  • and much more!

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For Minecraft 1.10.2




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