DuelMe 1.7.2/1.6.4


DuelMe 1.7.2


DuelMe is a plugin for server owners that want to allow players to Duel each other. I first made this plugin for use on my own server as the world it is used on is non-pvp with the exception of this plugin so that players can duel each other for fun. This can also be used on a pvp server too with less setup time. If your server is non pvp based there is a small bit of setup required.


Player Commands

  • /duel ? shows information about plugin
  • /duel ? sends a duel request to a player
  • /duel cancel ? cancels a sent duel request
  • /duel accept ? accepts a duel request
  • /duel deny ? denies a duel request
  • /duel spectate ? spectate a duel that is in progress
  • /duel leave ? leave a duel

Admin Commands

  • /dueladmin setplayer1spawn ? Set player 1?s spawn location
  • /dueladmin setplayer2spawn ? Set player 2?s spawn location
  • /dueladmin setlobbyspawn ? Set the Duel lobby spawn location
  • /dueladmin setlobbyspawn ? Set the Duel lobby spawn location
  • /dueladmin setspectate ? Set the specate spawn location
  • /dueladmin reload ? Reload the plugin config from disk


  • duelme.* ? allows access to all duel commands – Only give to staff / trusted players!
  • duelme.duel ? allows the use of the /duel command
  • duelme.admin ? allows a player use /dueladmin commands
  • duelme.accept ? allows a player to accept a duel request
  • duelme.update.notify ? sends players notifications of plugin updates


  • Allows players to duel each other in a controlled environment.
  • Separated inventories.
  • Blocks cannot be broken in a Duel.
  • Teleporting out of a Duel is disabled.
  • Players drop no items when they die in a Duel, hence less lag for items everywhere.


  • none yet

Optional Dependencies

  • DisguiseCraft ? used to undisguise disguised players during a Duel

Features to add

  • Revise source code
  • Use own block protection method
  • Set player spawns for arena in game
  • Players can be charged an amount to Duel (configurable)
  • Countdown to start (will be added at a later date)
  • MySql database to keep track of kills/deaths
  • Custom rewards for winner
  • Right click a player to send a duel request.
  • Players can opt in for a duel for items such as diamond or XP

Download DuelMe for Minecraft 1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.2


For 1.6.4


Credits: teozfrank

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