DiyoTweaks Mod 1.6.4

DiyoTweaks Mod 1.6.4

DiyoTweaks is mDiyo’s personal tweak mod that mDiyo has been using to make the game more interesting. Some things it makes harder, others easier, and some are just for fun. 

As this is mDiyo’s personal mod, the version of Minecraft that it’s for is related to mDiyo’s Let’s Play series
. Some of the tweaks are on by default; others are not. The defaults represent what mDiyo feel should happen on a regular server or in the game itself.

What can be tweaked?
Hunger ? There are two ways you can go about this: Tweaking and just Disable It

 Tweaked hunger can set how much food is depleted for heart healing, maximum hunger bar size, regeneration level, and whether you always regenerate health or not.

  • Disabled hunger is alpha-style hunger. It has a setting for the maximum amount a single food can heal you.


  • An alternate crosshair is added for ranged weapons. It looks like a target and can be changed with resource packs. A list exists to add ranged items to it.

Classic Mechanics ? Want to bring back that alpha or beta feel and still have your mods work? Now you (somewhat) can!

  • Revert vanilla armor to protect based on the amount it’s damaged. This only affects vanilla armor, not mods.
  • Zombies drop feathers instead of flesh
  • Fire will eat forests
  • TNT explodes when punched

Mob Behavior

  • Zombies have a few tweaks, including baby spawns, reinforcements, and whether they can set players on fire. This doesn’t work at all with Zombie Awareness installed.
  • Endermen won’t pick up blocks
  • Creepers will choose to go after an attacker if they’re closer than the current target
  • Mob can be jockeys. Slime towers ho!


  • Nametags have a recipe
  • Animals drop bones when slaughtered on peaceful
  • Experience orbs drop from more things. Say? zombies burning in the sun?
  • Alternatively, experience can be disabled.
  • Animals drop minimum amounts of leather, feathers, etc
  • In soviet russia, rotten flesh eats you!
  • More items are stackable
  • Poison damage interval
  • Sugar cane height is configurable. Set it to 20 for towers of sugar!


  • Fancy grass is forced on
  • The HUD is altered for disabled hunger or experience

If you need pictures, here’s a couple:

Download DiyoTweaks Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: mDiyo

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