Detective Dan Map 1.10.2

5 Suspects, 1 Murder, 1 Lane…

Daniel West needs to solve one of the most puzzling mysteries of all, the death of Stacy Birch.

This seems familiar to him, a wife dying, no one can figure it out, except Detective Dan! You play the beautiful man and kick some serious bad guy butt, are you ready to embark on this challenge.. challenger…. or whatever… just don’t screw up and put the wrong guy in jail.


  • Don’t Cry.
  • Be In Gamemode 2 always (Set For You).
  • Oh and don’t laugh either, well you can laugh.
  • Be in peaceful mode always (Also Set For You).
  • Do not play this in multiplayer, cause then you will just screw everything up. And then you will cry, and they you are breaking two rules!
  • Particles: ON
  • All Sounds Except Music: ON (No one likes the minecraft music anyway).
  • Clouds: DOESN’T MATTER.
  • Oh and don’t be a guy that tries to do the opposite of what the map tells you to do, nobody likes that guy.
  • Oh and have fun.
  • BTW If you run into any problems, that’s either because you’re stupid or you did something wrong.
  • Just kidding you’re not, stupid I love you! r8 5 my map plz.
  • Okay, these aren’t any more rules so – HAVE FUN!



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Author: UnluckyBacon & JLsticky1135

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