Dayz Minealone Mod 1.7.4

Dayz Minealone Mod 1.7.4

Dayz standalone is a recently released solo version of the dayz mod for Arma II and I am happy to be telling you that I am recreating this game in minecraft by modding it with help from flaminsnowman99 and Derekzil. Incase you arnt aware of what dayz standalone is? A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state and one of the areas hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. You are one of the few who have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population, now infected with the disease. Go Solo, team up with friends or take on the world as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.
Now somthing to take into mind is that this mod will be about as buggy as the accuall game is until final beta do be patient and get ready for the epic ness at the end of the road. This mod will be uploaded to technic for easy download acess and will come with a server mod file. we are adding about 2000 items into this mod (making it almost perfectly exact to Cherno in the accuall game? zombies will be recoded to replicate dayz zombies with different shapes. A smart movement type of thing will be added withou buggyness. We will replicate textures noises attraction and specs of all the guns and weapons in dayz standalone making this mod hold the most realistic gun mod in mod history? Also since this comes with a server file people will be able to run and play on servers with this mod free of charge! One of the biggest things we are adding is the base building technology, what this means is you will be able to place a building block and a house or tent or barricade will spawn ?note this is an entity not blocks?!!! (Will this have vehicles) here is the most exiting part yes this mod will have vehicles it will have all replicated texture stats vehicles from dayz stanalone (when they are released) making this mod extremely combat and survival filled with serious action and playable options. Now I know server owners are thinking about loot and how you will recive all of it, to answer this question I will tell you that dayz standalone has just finished a new way of finding loot that will be added in to this mod also. What this means is that you will go about looting buildings camps and whole city’s as you would in real life scavenging around looking under and in objects (no chests here!!) players will be able to hear the sounds of dayz while playing due to the fact that we are in the process of making a soundtrack that will feature all noises form dayz and some new sounds like gun echo gun noise animal and ambient noises. Healing and medicine will be completely replicated from dayz blood type will be added and blood thirst and hunger will all have multiple additions and ways to satiasfy all of them. You can find bandages and blood packs as well as blood transfusion kits you will also be able heal your wounds. There will be multiple drinks and foods added to the game about 30 each that you will be able to find arrounf the game and will all have special specs and effects. Another way to find food and water will be from the environment like hunting and scavenging from the new animals added in the mod. Picking berets and fruits off of trees and bushes. Drinking from plants and streams. Rendering will be exploded to the point where it is manageable to all computers. New building blocks and enviromental plants will be added (not so blocky minecraft) bandit and hero stats will be added your skin will change. New ways to make your player vs player experience better are ways to tourture people and take prisoners like water torture handcuffs and head sacks and torture tools. Your probably wondering about new armor and clothing and i will tell you that yes there will be 300 peices of unique clothing and things to wear like tee shirts long sleeve shirts jackets jeans vests boots sneakers and much much more? These peices of clothing will effect hunger blood type blood thirst and everything. Clothing will also be used to make things like last minute scetchy bandages and gun slings. Inventory manangment will replicate dayz in ways that items can take up less than one slot or multiple slots and you can find 100 different backpack like items that you will be able to add to each piece of your clothing to be able to store more items. Zombie AI will be a big part in this mod we plan on making the best zombie AI experience possible, zombies will be able to hear echos and noises arround the environment that will attract them, players will be able to throw any items they want from there inventory in any direction in order to steer them away to avoid contact. Zombies will have multiple attacks and ways to injure you. The GUI for the game will replicate dayz stanalone. Injury effects like bloodloss and infection and shock will all have special effects.
Finally here is a completed list of what will be added -Super zombie AI replication

  • replicated dayz guns 80+ items
  • replicated dayz and arma vehicles 50+ items
  • replicated hunger thirst and blood GUI
  • replicated food drink and medicine 300 items
  • replicated dayz inventory and storage 100 items
  • replicated dayz armor and clothing 200 items
  • replicated dayz sound and ambient
  • replicated pvp and pve experience
  • replicated dayz environment and animals 100 new times
  • replicated dayz looting 50 new items
  • replicated dayz misc items 50 items
  • replicated dayz sound and echo
  • replicated dayz player stats
  • replicated dayz health effects
  • replicated dayz render and shaders
  • realistic building blocks and placable buildings.
  • replicated dayz crafting
  • replicated dayz material 30+ items
  • in game voice? Working on it
  • replicated dayz standalone EVERYTHING!!!!


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Author: duck58


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