Dannys Mod 1.6.2


Dannys Mod ? This is a mod dedicated to adding various different things into the game like armor, tools, food and soon to be explosive items blocks and maybe weapons. I will be using this mod to experiment with java to learn and make more advanced mods in the future!

All items are obtainable by crafting, smelting or exploring caves along your adventure in minecraft.



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Tools & Armor Recipes:

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Single Player

1, Download the latest version of minecraft forge.
2, Put DannysMod.zip into your /mods/ within .minecraft.

Multi Player 
1, Install minecraft forge like you would for single player but for forge.
2, Install DannysMod just like you would with single player.
3, Then run the server with Universal-Forge-XXXX.jar then enjoy the mod with your friends!


For 1.6.2


Credits: dannydobbi

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