Custom Trees Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


With Custom Tree Mod, you can get lost in a forest of diamond or maybe a jungle of glass. It is interesting to make any kind of tree that only exists in your imagination. This mod provides you with many new kinds of trees. Surprisingly, the willow tree is also fully customizable.

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Screenshots and How to:

Firstly, to craft a custom sapling, you need any type of regular sapling and a golden nugget:


Next is the slightly more difficult (but still very easy) customization step! Simply place a block that you want to be the trunk of your tree

Then place a block which you want to be the leaves of your tree

Finally, place your custom sapling on top of both of them.


When you’ve done that, simply right click your custom sapling and voila! A magical custom tree is made of whatever you want! You can use this to make trees out of almost any block in the game (including water and lava!) and create beautiful trees for any setting.


More Trees

Before we go on to make the new trees, which are all also fully customizable, the trigger block is underneath your trunk block. For instance, the trigger block for palm trees is sand and you can create a palm tree.


Palm Tree

Use sand as the trigger block for this new tree:


Willow Tree

Soul sand is the trigger block to grow a willow tree


Mod Showcase:


Minecraft Forge

Custom Trees Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Author: Phobophobe

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