Crysis Mod 1.7.2

Crysis Mod (Single Player Overhaul) is an interesting mod, I think. You will like this mod because of all the features.


After a decent time they have arrived. The Ceph is that they hunt for humans and the only force which is trying to resist are the Cell. But you, you are special and you are a hybrid. You can use the Ceph Technology unlike the Cell Soldiers which makes you a target for the Cell. They wan’t your DNA to become the Ceph them self.  Now it is time for you to Hide, to Hunt and to Dominate.

This fully new mod is now an overhaul which means that it doesn’t need any modloader to be installed the negative side of it is that it is not compitable with other mods. 

The key ‘z’ is by default the scope key but can be changed in the settings. All cell weapons destroy glass, and shotguns (Alpha Jackal and Marshall) can even destroy iron doors, wooden doors, fence gates and trap doors. 

The mod packet contains a README.pdf which has the licence, instalation guide, important features and recipes
Because this version is totally different from the previous I’d like to get some new feed back, a new installation guide video, and some regular video review. Thank you in advance. And just message me if I may use your video on this page as an installation guide

Download Crysis Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.10

Author: Anakinsk

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