Cranes & Construction Mod 1.11.2


Cranes & Construction Mod adds cranes to Minecraft, making large repetitive structures a breeze. The cranes can be of any length and height and are completely modular. They extract items from your inventory to build with.




A simple crane

Inside the crane

The gui when you right click the seat

How it works:

  • You get crane base blocks and build a 1×1 pillar as high as you want.
  • If you right click the base block of the pillar, it will automatically build the pillar for you as you click it.
  • Somewhere on the pole, preferably almost at the top of it, replace 2 blocks from the pillar with crane cores which act as your seat.
  • Next, place a horizontal line of the crane base blocks somewhere on the pole. The longer the line, the longer the range.
  • Next, climb up the pole and right click the core/seat.
  • In the GUI, you can:
    • hold down middle click to move around the bottom region
    • scroll zoom in and out of the bottom region
    • select a block to use from your inventory on the left
    • click a block in the bottom region to place it
    • click + drag in the bottom region to place continuously


Minecraft Forge

Cranes & Construction Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
cranesandconstruction-1.1.jar Release 1.11.2 Apr 22, 2017

Author: saadodi

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