Conundrum Ores Mod 1.6.2


The first new material you might notice is Bismuth it is better than iron but worse then diamond, Mithril is the same.

Some other rarer materials you might notice are Redmantium and Shadownite, they’re better than Diamond.

Steel is a little bit better than iron you make it by making steel dust to make steel dust, you need to make coal dust and iron dust, to make that put coal in a crafting grid and pur iron ore in a crafting grid, put the iron and coal dust into a crafting grid and you get steel dust.

You can smelt dirt into dirt ingots wich are worse than stone but better than wood.

You can make Shickaxes wich are an axe, pickaxe and shovel combined.

The Items:



  1. Download Minecraft forge and this mod
  2. Run minecraft once
  3. Locate .minecraft folder by typing ?%appdata%? in the run command
  4. Place the in the mods folder
  1. Download Minecraft Forge, minecraft_server.exe and this mod
  2. Run the server once
  3. Install minecraft forge
  4. Place the in the mods folder

For 1.6.2

Credits: xgio

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