Conquest Mod for Resource Pack 1.8.9/1.8


The Conquest texture-pack made heavy use of these metadata blocks, with there being over 500 more blocks available in versions prior to 1.8. Therefore, we have developed Conquest Mod for resource pack that brings these lost blocks back into the game, while allowing players to experience the very best of 1.8, 3D models.
Please note: This is not a resource pack, it is more like a tool for conquest resource pack which brings you an absolutely new gameplay feel. All you have to do is download the .jar file, start the installation process and enjoy the game after successful installation. We will provide installation instructions below, located after screenshots.









Conquest Mod for Resource Pack Changelogs

As of the 1.8 update, block metadata was removed to pave way for the modding API and further optimization of Minecraft. While this change has beneficial effects, it also prevents the use of alternate block textures which in turn has caused a devastating blow to the creative community.

How to install Conquest Mod for Resource Pack?

  • Download and Install Forge.
  • Launch the game using your forge profile, and navigate to C:Users\AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods.
  • Download the latest version of Optifine and drop the Optifine file into the “mods” folder you opened previously.
  • Download the Conquest Mod. Drop the file into the “mods” folder as you did with optifine.
  • Download the Conquest Mod Textures.
  • Navigate to the resourcepack folder at C:Users\AppDataRoaming.minecraftresourcepacks and drop the Conquest Mod textures into that folder.
  • Navigate to the resourcepack interface in Minecraft.
  • Click on “CONQUESTMODS” to get it to be a “Selected Resource Pack”. Press done.
  • You’re finished!
  • NOTE: Turn off mipmapping in Optifine, if you leave it on some textures will appear blurry, even when you’re close and looking straight at them.

Download links for Conquest Mod for Resource Pack

[32x] [1.8] Conquest Mod for Conquest Resource Pack
[32x] [1.8] Conquest Mod Textures for Conquest Resource Pack

Credits: Origines

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