Cola Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

Cola Craft is a mod that adds various soft drinks to your Minecraft game. These soft drinks allow you to get potion effects that you would otherwise need to brew potions for. In other words, this is an easier alternative to obtaining your favorite potion effects without visiting the Nether or going through the hassle of brewing!

Crafting Recipes:
First, make yourself an empty can:

Next, take a water bottle and add sugar to make a bottle of soda:

Now, smelt the bottle of soda to carbonate it:

Add a dye to the carbonated soda to specify the flavor you want:

Now add the flavored soda bottle to the can, and you have yourself a soda!


  1. Download and install Forge
  2. Put the Cola Craft .zip in the mods folder.
  3. Profit

For 1.6.2



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