Chocolate Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.5.1

As the name of it implies, this little Mod adds the opportunity to craft edible chocolate to the game


  • Adds Liquid Chocolate: restores 1 food bar
  • Adds Chocolate Bar: restores 3 food bars + heals 1,5 hearts
  • Adds Liquid White Chocolate: restores 1 food bar
  • Adds White Chocolate Bar: restores 4 food bars
  • Makes Milk stackable up to 64
  • Adds Chocolate Block / White Chocolate Block
  • Adds Chocolate Cookie: restores 1,5 food bars + heals 1 heart
  • Adds Chocolate Cake: restores 2 food bars per slice, only stackable up to 16
  • Adds Chocolate Sword / White Chocolate Sword
  • Adds Chocolate Tools / White Chocolate Tools
  • Adds Chocolate Armor / White Chocolate Armor
  • Adds Chocolate Bricks / White Chocolate Bricks
  • Adds Chocolate Slab / White Chocolate Slab
  • Adds Achievements


Liquid Chocolate / Liquid White Chocolate

Chocolate Bar / White Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Cookie

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Block / White Chocolate Block

Chocolate Sword / White Chocolate Sword

Chocolate Tools & Armor / White Chocolate Tools & Armor


Chocolate Block / White Chocolate Block

Chocolate Mod

Chocolate Bricks / White Chocolate Bricks

Chocolate Mod

Chocolate Slab / White Chocolate Slab

Chocolate Mod

Chocolate Stairs / White Chocolate Stairs

Chocolate Mod

Chocolate Fence / White Chocolate Fence

Chocolate Mod


  • 1.) Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • 2.) Download the Mod files and extract them (for example with 7zip)
  • 3.) Open your jar (Start -> %appdata% -> Enter -> “.minecraft” folder
  • -> “versions” folder -> select the folder of the profile you want to use -> open jar file)
  • 4.) Open “assets” and drag & drop the folder called “chocolate” into the folder “assets” in your jar
  • 5.) Drag & drop the class file “aae” into your jar and make sure the folder “META-INF” is deleted
  • 6.) Open your config folder (“.minecraft” -> “config”) and copy & paste the configuration file called “chocolate” (located in a folder called “config” in the Mod folder) into your config folder
  • 7.) Run Minecraft and enjoy

For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Older versions:

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