Chest Protect Mod 1.6.4

Chest Protect Mod 1.6.4


Chest Protect Mod is a protection and griefing deterrent plugin specifically for chests. However this will not only protect your chests but avoid any kind of harm from coming to them. It will do the following:

  • Protect your chests from being broken into
  • Protect your chests from being broken. Period.
  • Will deter griefers from attacking your chests as this will attack them back.


How does it work?

While chest protect is running, it will be notified whenever a player places a chest down and will automatically store the chest info and player’s name. If someone tries to break the chest who has a different name it will stop them from breaking it.

Chest Protect also stops your chests from exploding, burning, or being destroyed by anyone other then you (Server operators are an exception)


Simplicity is key. So the commands that come with the plugin will be very simple.

  • /protect. If you’re looking at a chest, it will protect it for you.
  • /protectadd which can be used to add a friend to the protection.
  • /protectrem which removes someone from your protection.


If you’re a server owner, you can configure the amount of damage dealt to a suspected theif/griefer by modifying the config file, found in plugins/ChestProtect/config.yml

To protect your chest, simply place it down, if it’s already on the ground, type /protect. Your chest will then become protected. To add friends to the chest, type /protectadd and they will be allowed to access your chest. To remove people from your chest’s protection, type /protectrem and they won’t be allowed to access your chest.

Install Chest Protect Mod 1.6.4

Installation is simple, all you do is drag the .jar file into your plugins directory. a config file will be automatically generated.


The permissions are as follows:

  • chestprotect.* ? You can do everything, you can break and open anyones chests.
  • chestprotect.canbreakprotectedchests ? You can break protected chests, but not open them.
  • chestprotect.canopenprotectedchests ? You can open protected chests, but not break them.



  • Broken and re-written a large portion of code.
  • Mass Bug Fixes
  • For debug purposes, files are now saved as .txt instead of .bin

Download Chest Protect Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Old version

Credits: jordz0005

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