Cave Seed 1.8.7/1.8


This Minecraft survival island seed doesn?t look like anything too special at first glance. The game starts on small, barren sand and grass island. There are trees on a close neighboring island, so it?s definitely possible to exist, but why bother? Well, there is actually a lot to explore (and mine). On one corner of the island there is a deep cave entrance. Follow it down and a large underground ravine is revealed with lava flows, lava pool, underground waterfalls, and plenty of ore to mine.

We found a lot of coal, a ton of iron, six diamonds, several outcroppings of gold as well as redstone after just a few minutes of exploration. If you head down there in survival be prepared for the usual underground ravine challenges: mining is possible, but you?ll have to navigate lava flows and pools that have collected on the ravine floor. And, of course, there?s plenty of mobs down there enjoying the dark, so be ready for them, too!

Seed Co-ordinates:


x: (-105) y: (29) z: (133)

Diamond Chest (Also the 2 spawners)

x: (-120) y: (26) z: (191)

Seed Showcase:

Seed ID: -1042433889
Credits: ShinyTinselWorm

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