Boby’s Extras Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2

Boby’s Extras Mod 1.10.2 started out as a simple school project but from that day I have slowly added more and more random items and features. There are no goals to this mod. No item that you must achieve. Only Items and Blocks that spice your world up. This mod is used in the BusinessElite Plus modpack.




If you happen to magically find any issues post them on github at this link Also Please for heavens sake do not post the crash in the comment section of my curse page because I probably will just ignore it.


For Curse mod packs you may use this mod.

For other mod packs (Technic for example) you may also use this mod, But will require a mod link back to this page in your mods list.

Other Notes

Don’t expect an update every week, Because I work alone on this mod and adding and/or fixing things may take a while.

For personal reasons I do not accept helpers. This includes asking to be a Beta-tester, Coder or an Artist. I’m not at that point yet so don’t ask.

I do not accept item or blocks requests, But you may ask for improvements or modifications to things in my mod.


Boby's Extras-1.png


Minecraft Forge

Boby’s Extras Mod Download Links:


File Name Status Game Version Date
bobyex-1.10-betabuild_4.3.jar Beta 1.10.2 Apr 5, 2017

Author: Bobynoby

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