Blue Vanilla Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


With Blue Vanilla Mod, you can take over a pirate ship, hunt for a Yeti on snow-covered hilltops, or search for rare and valuable scarabs in the shadow of a mummy-infested giant pyramid. The world is yours to explore and it has never been more exciting.

SERVERS: Try Our BV Servers! No whitelist. World resets every Saturday morning. The Beastnode Challenge is to kill the dragon, get the egg and display it prominently in a BV structure you’ve converted into a base. Good luck! This is the Shaftlands BV Server. No whitelist. No regular world resets. This is where we invite you to set up more permanent builds. Bad behavior will result in bans ? this isn’t a chaos server. You currently do not have to be a Shaftlands player to play on this server, but Shaftlands players and mods may wind up as a large part of the player base.

Blue Vanilla Mod isn’t compatible with modloaders. Version 2.5.5 is available on the technic launcher for Minecraft version 1.7.2. This document will explain how to set up version 2.6 for Minecraft 1.7.10 manually without extra tools

Blue Vanilla Mod is distributed as a .zip file that contains many class files, some in subdirectories. These files must be combined with a minecraft.jar file. Some mod loaders can consume this .zip file directly.

Download Blue Vanilla Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10

For 1.7.2


The Core Team

The genesis of the Blue Vanilla project was a LP series done by Steve and Dan Johnson. The brothers Johnson have pulled in Steve’s wife Amy to help with writing and older brother Chris to help with music. The server community “Wolfden” has been invited to help with beta testing and may eventually contribute content.

Stephen Johnson

Project lead. Played since Beta 1.3. Went to Minecon Las Vegas with Amy & their son Dante. Made over 300 minecraft videos. Creative force behind the Blue Vanilla project. Steve has worked tirelessly to write poems, code structures, create this website, set up the reddit page, and organize the team to shepherd this project from concept to reality.

Daniel Johnson

Lifelong Code Monkey Orangutan, but new to Minecraft, Dan worked with Steve did all the actual work on the Mod Mod Mod Mod World LP series. In ?ModWorld?, Steve played with Dan’s secret mods, and got pounded to paste by iron golems, while Dan learned some Java still likes C# best. Some of the ?ModWorld? code is part of Blue Vanilla, so watch out for those golems!

Chris Johnson

When we decided to create a project to expand the amount of content you could find in your Minecraft world, Chris immediately came to mind as the right person to whip up some new music discs. We did not expect to get access to his entire unreleased music archive, or thirty-two finished tracks to include, categorized by Blue Vanilla area theme! He’s also now hooked on Minecraft, but aren’t we all?

Amy Johnson

When brainstorming on how to include more high-quality written content in Blue Vanilla, Amy ? a lifelong writer ? also immediately came to mind. She has breathed life into characters for years, so her talents find a fitting home with us, writing diaries and memoirs to make the abandoned homes, bases and towers have that recently-lived-in feeling.


The multiplayer minecraft community ?Wolfden? will be helping us beta-test and some members may come on board to help with content generation. It’s our virtual home and beloved community where we continue to play, build, and learn from each other on a daily basis. Wolfden is home to some amazingly talented Minecrafters, so this is a very exciting prospect!

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