BluDecorations Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

BluDecorations Mod 1.7.2

BluDecorations is a mod stemming from my first delving into 3D modeling with Blender and the use of those models in Minecraft.
The mod’s premise is the addition of a single block in three tools for its customization. You can freely configure the models displayed by the block and their texture, as well as colour, transparency, positioning, rotation and particle effects.

The average user will find that this mod comes with a variety of preset configurations, made by me, which they can adjust to their likings. To more advanced users, experienced in the concepts of Minecraft’s resource system, or in forge modding, this mod offers a blank canvas for them to add custom models and textures.

This is only one of the few things you can do with this mod.


The Configureable Block is crafted like this:

The dyes can be of any colour.

The first item of this mod is the Model Wrench.

It is used to open the model configuration gui:

The next Item is the Particle Spraycan.

It is used to configure the particles emitted by the block:
Particle Customization:

Then we have the Adjustable Instructions:

Rightclick them on a configurable block to store the model and particle configurations on the item. Click them on another block to apply that configuration there. To clean the instructions, shift+rightclick.

The final Item in this mod are the Infinity Binoculars:

Click the block with them to toggle infinite render bounds. That means that your block will always be rendered, even if the bounding box is not in view. Note that this will obviously increase the load on your system.

Lastly, if you click the blocks with a chest in your hand, the chest will be integrated into the block, allowing it to function as an inventory. So the blocks don’t just look good, but also have a little bit of practical use :P

Custom models

This is the special part of the mod:
Users can add their custom models either by different methods.
If you’re a developer, you can simply create an addon for this mod. If you do that, you can even use the API to save your models as custom configurations in the preset list.
However, the use of a custom resourcepack will also allow you to make your own (or others) .obj files available to Minecraft. It’s probably best to put these models and custom textures (yes you can add those too) in a subfolder of ?assets?. Preferably not inside ?assets/minecraft? :P

Some things to keep in mind about custom obj files:
The Advanced Model Loader of forge is a bit picky about the models you parse it.
Your custom models may either have only triangular faces or rectangular. No more than 4 edges and no mixing. For optimal results, tell blender to triangulate the faces on export. That way nothing can go wrong (don’t quote me on that xD )
Secondly, the parts of the obj model must not contain a ?.’ in their name. However, blender does that automatically. Adding just a second cube mesh results in the name Cube.001. Take care to rename them, or the model loader won’t be able to parse them. I’d advise the use of underscores.
And lastly: Blender is a bit derpy, and considers two connected vertices (a line) a face. which means that your obj file may contain faces made up of only 2 vertices. Since these aren’t really faces, the model loader doesn’t like them. And while it may seem like a huge effort to open your .obj file in a texteditor and look for those ?fake’-faces, they are always at the bottom of the faces of each object, because blender sorts faces by the amount of vertices. These thankfully don’t occur to often, ideally never, if you know what you’re doing on modelling and you don’t leave ?residue? vertices


That way nothing can go wrong


Version 1.2.3/1.3.1

  • Fix: The render doesn’t break when there’s an item frame nearby
  • Fix: The TileEntity does not remain when the block is destroyed anymore (this caused persistent bounding boxes and model configurations)
  • Added Feature: You can add a preset to a current configuration instead of replacing it. Hold CTRL. This applies for models as well as particles
  • Added Feature: You can save configurations locally. These will be written into two seperate .cfg files. These configurations can then be accessed in any singleplayer world and probably on multiplayer servers (not tested, but should work in theory)
  • Added Feature: Infinity Binoculars. Click the block with them to toggle infinite render bounds. That means that your block will always be rendered, even if the bounding box is not in view. Note that this will obviously increase the load on your system.

Download BluDecorations Mod 1.7.2/1.6.4

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: BluSunrize


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