Best food mods in minecraft

Food is very important in the Minecraft world. If you do not eat, you will starve.
You always want to create more food to serve your life. The following are some of the best mods that you should consider to use.

1 Food Plus Mod

This mod adds more food so you can get more variety and options to eat.

2 Lots of Food Mod

Lots of Food Mod adds more and more food, its french name is “Plus d’aliments”. It also allows you to farm red pepper and vine.

3 UsefulFood Mod

The goal of this mod is to add as much useful food as possible to minecraft, without destroying the vanilla feeling of it. No extreme and complicated recipes! The mod is supposed to be simple and useful for the user, to make food from things you normally can´t make food from and to add a large variety of food to make minecraft more interesting.

4 Matted’s Foods Plus Mod

Foods plus adds a series of food items that make sense and allow for better use of food while playing.

5 Mo’ foods and crops Mod

Mo’ foods and crops Mod adds crops, trees, world gen, fruit, veggies, meat, meals, beer, wine, drinks, and much much more.

6 Bacon Mod

The Bacon Mod incorporates everyone’s favorite food into every aspect of Minecraft gameplay!

Tools, armor, weapons, mobs, food, you name it! The wonderful world of bacon lies before you.

7 Chocolate Mod

As the name of it implies, this little Mod adds the opportunity to craft edible chocolate to the game

8 Saturation Display Mod


Vanilla Minecraft doesn’t reveal your real hunger. For those who don’t know, saturation is essentially a hidden hunger bar that determines how long you can go without eating. Saturation is why some foods keep your hunger bar filled longer than others, and saturation is why you need to eat so much more in 1.7 than you did before. Knowing your saturation allows you to see the true value of different foods and how long you have until you need to eat again.

This is a list of food mods that you can need. We will try to update them regularly here


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