B0bgary’s Uses For Lapis Mod 1.6.4/1.5.2


B0bgary’s Uses For Lapis Mod 1.6.4


Lapis. Its everywhere. Now that you have your fancy pickaxes with fortune enchantments you have stacks of it. Its completely useless in every way, unless you want hundreds of blue sheep. With this mod you can now use lapis to do useful things!This mod adds a variety of lapis goodies including armour, tools and even ingots to craft them!The tools and armour in this mod are crafted like normal tools and armour, using a lapis lazuli ingot as the tool material which can be made by smelting a lapis lazuli block in a furnace.

This mod requires Forge. To install this mod just drag the .zip floder into the mods folder created by Minecraft forge in .minecraft.






v 1.6.6

  • Fixed crash bug

v 1.6.5

  • Set block hardness for lapis jack’o’lantern and ingot block
  • Set block harvest level for lapis jack’o’lantern and ingot block
  • Set jack’o’lantern step sound to wooden footstep sound
  • Set lapis tools to be as good as iron harvest speed wise
  • Changed lapis golem’s texture
  • Changed golem’s movement speed

Download B0bgary’s Uses For Lapis Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


Old version


For 1.5.2


Credits: B0bGary

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