Astral Sorcery Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

Astral Sorcery Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a magic mod focused around harnessing the powers of starlight and the constellations. You can explore and discover the world and the sky above you; focus starlight to your will, strengthening yourself or enhancing the world around you.


Astral Sorcery Mod itself has an ingame guide in form of the ‘Journal’ which will guide you through the mod if you read carefully (Navigation in the journal is via mouse drag + scroll zoom). Certain structures in the world are required for proper progression.

Important notes:

  • This mod is currently in Beta state!
  • Using ‘AUTO’ GUI scale is not encouraged as there might be scaling issues.


Astral Sorcery Mod allows for a multitude of configurations of certain features, as well as options for maintainance and stability. Additionally, there are options for mod version-tracking and built-in retrogen (which will actually work soon-ish).



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Astral Sorcery Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
AstralSorcery-1.12.2-1.8.10.jar Release 1.12.2 May 6, 2018
AstralSorcery-1.12.2-1.8.8.jar Release 1.12.2 Apr 25, 2018
AstralSorcery-1.12.2-1.8.5.jar Release 1.12.2 Jan 24, 2018
AstralSorcery-1.12.2-1.7.jar Release 1.12.2 Oct 21, 2017
AstralSorcery-1.12-1.6.1.jar Release 1.12 Jul 18, 2017
AstralSorcery-1.11.2-1.4.5.jar Release 1.11.2 Jul 4, 2017
AstralSorcery-1.10.2-1.4.5.jar Release 1.10.2 Jul 4, 2017

Author: HellFirePvP

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