Arpeagi Mod 1.6.4

About Arpeagi Mod 1.6.4:


Lamps!Gather ores and make some cool lamps!Make sure to get LOTS of gold!Amber Torch!Basically a fancy torch!


Tropium Set!Damage:9(sword), 8(axe), 7(pickaxe), 6(shovel), 1(hoe)Durability:1605A bit faster than Diamond!It’s PINK!Buster Swords!Need a Combination Gem to make!Iron Buster Sword!Damage:18Durability:700Diamond Buster Sword!Damage: 22Durability:5000Gold Buster Sword!Damage: 19Durability: 850Squid Trident!Damage: 15Durability: 3000Special Ability: SQUID GEYSER! (make sure you are in water!)Nature Hammer!Damage:6Durability:400Made with Grass Blocks which now have a new crafting recipe!Hardened Amber Set!Cook Sweet Amber to make this set!Damage:5.5, 4.5, 3.5, 2.5, 1Durability:160Fast as iron, but can’t get the same stuff?


Tropium Ore!Spawns in layers 15-5Diamond pickaxe or better to break!Smelt in furnace to get Tropium!Dark Ore!Spawns in layers 8-2Tropium Pickaxe or better to break!Looks an awful lot like Bedrock!Smelt to get Darkoid Shards!Oil Infused Stone (a.k.a Oil Ore!)Spawns in layers 58-7Stone Pickaxe ore better to break!Drops oil, which is used in the Lamp crafting recipes!Sweet Amber Ore!Spawns in layers 128-30Any pickaxe to break!Drops Sweet Amber, which you can eat!


Install Arpeagi Mod 1.6.4

  1. Download Forge
  2. Open the minecraft folder
  3. Open the mods folder (if not there, make it)
  4. Drag the Arpeagi Mod’s zip folder into mods folder
  5. Run minecraft and enjoy!

Download Arpeagi Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: Criof8

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