Ambient Birds Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Ambient Birds Mod will definitely make your Minecraft world more interesting by simply adding a new type of bird mob. This mod is waiting for you to discover!

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Install Ambient Birds Mod

  • Locate your versions folder in .minecraft folder
  • Copy the directory 1.8 and rename it to 1.8-birds
  • Rename both the jar and json files the same (1.8-birds)
  • Open the json and at the 1st line also rename it to 1.8-birds
  • Drag and drop the contents in the (a different zip found inside the main zip file) file with in the jar file. Use any zipping program to open them up in both windows
  • Delete the META folder in the jar.
  • Select the version you named in your launcher
  • *Uncheck* the Automatically ask Mojang for assistance with fixing crashes thing!
  • Drag and drop the folder ?birds sound? into your resourcepack dir and turn it on in game.
  • Play!

Download Ambient Birds Mod

For 1.8

Author: the_tubes

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