Alcohol Mod 1.7.2

Alcohol Mod 1.7.2

It’s an mod that allows you to drink alcohol. But it won’t just kick in the good powers yet only after a few drinks. It’s a sort of surprise? Also all the effects you get becomes addiction you won’t get rid of it until you eat a Fixer Pill and then drink Milk.


Here are all the recipes and some descriptions of the items in the mod:


Alcohol Checker:

Posted Image

This device will track your alcohol level by pressing Right-Mouse button.

Fixer Pill: 

Posted Image

This item will remove your addictions but not the effects. It’s recommended to drink Milk after eating this. Also It’s resets your Alcohol Level.


B Dust:
Posted Image
Bit dusty but ready to be drunk

Golden Feel:
Posted Image
Looks Golden, Feels Golden.

Greeny Glowy:
Posted Image
It’s Green, It’s Glowy, It’s Defensive

Healthy A:
Posted Image
A. Healthy. Drink.

Posted Image
Take it In. InGlory.

Posted Image
Taste like the sun?for some reason?

Vil’s Drink:
Posted Image
Vil’s favorite drink


Posted Image
It absorbs something of black items? That’s why it taste black

Champagne Vision:
Posted Image
Always wanna know how champagne sees?

Drowning Champagne:
Posted Image
Fast! Drink it! Before it Drowns!

Posted Image
Just drink it already?

San Fire:
Posted Image
Found on the Fire Island: San
Now everyone knows how to make it

The Dark Shield:
Posted Image
Can you feel the Darkness defending you?


Apple Power:
Posted Image
The power of an Apple

Coco Shield:
Posted Image
Co. Shi. Co. eld. It’s scrambled go figure.

Gold Strong:
Posted Image
Be as strong as Gold ?or not

Hanging BB:
Posted Image
Hmm? Taste like BlackBerry’s

Limy Vision:
Posted Image
If you cut and put Lime’s in your eye’s you won’t get the same effect

Orange H:
Posted Image
Taste Orangy. With an H.

Posted Image
Remember that Pine on Fire? Yeah me neither?

Posted Image
Don’t try to wear Raspberry’s

Speedy Oaky:
Posted Image
Is it Speedy? Is it Oaky? No. It’s Speedy Oaky

Tasty Cocktail:
Posted Image
Just a Tasty Cocktail. Or don’t belive the description.

All the recipes are also in the downloaded .rar file.

Download Alcohol Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: Android791350

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