The Agricultural Revolution Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4

The Agricultural Revolution Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4 primarily focuses on giving the player a wide variety of food stuffs. Besides, this mod provides you with some additional cooking appliances for processing these new foods to make them more beneficial to the players. There is also an additional buff and other pieces to make the Minecraft cooking and farming experience more realistic. Let’s try to discover how interesting it is!


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The Grand Automation Update:

The Grand Automation Update adds new ways to automate harvest of the majority of your crops, from vanilla vines, to strawberry bushes and red corals. The new machines which act as an attachment to your Happy Harvest Bot will help him automate all that for you. It also introduces two new magical crystals. The Light Crystal lights up a very large area around itself. The Sky crystal allows you to teleport to it using a Blink Crystal item. Another addition is the Bot Network Block allowing you to connect hundreds of chests up to as many Happy Harvest Bots that you like. There are also many changes to make things less RNG.

New Abandoned Farmhouse Structure:
New Auto Fisher Attachment:
New Auto Gatherer Attachment:
New Light Crystal:
New Nether Tangle Plant:
New Picker Arm Attachment:
New Sky Crystal:

Magic vs Science Update:

The new Magic Vs Science Update adds a variety of blocks and items to help make your farms faster and more efficient. The new Hydroponics Block will allow you to grow more crops in a smaller space. Only got one chicken? no problem, the new cloning vat will allow you to clone him many new friends. The Happy Harvest Bot does away with having to harvest your hydroponic blocks as he will happily harvest and replant the crops for you. The new Growth crystal will speed up the growth rate of any crops around itself and the new Water Crystal will provide an endless supply of Water orbs which can be used to place water anywhere you like. On top of this, the update adds two new crops, Rice and Prickly Pears, and adds avocado trees. There is also a new tool, the scythe, these will allow you to clear a 3×3 area of crops, grass or leaves quickly.

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Tropical Update:

The new tropical update adds two new biomes, the tropical hills biome and the deep reef biome. There are also several new tree types such as palm, banana and kiwi and some delicious new ice creams to make with the new saucepan and ice box.

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Undersea and Cheese Update:

This update bring two new biomes, three new crops including kelp, seaweed and pineapples, as well as cheeses which can be produced from cream in the new barrels. There are also new structures such as drying racks, and various others, as well as corals for new sources of dye.

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Sweet Tooth Update:

The sweet tooth update adds a new crop, a new tree, pancakes, and various other sweet things. Additionally, there are four new pottery guides for things such as plates and cupcake molds, as well as the underground cornucopias, which spawn randomly and are filled with goodies normally found in farmhouses.

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World Generation:

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The Agricultural Revolution Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Agricultural Revolution-1.10.2-0.9.1.jar Beta 1.10.2 Jul 2, 2017
Agricultural Revolution-1.9.4-0.9.1.jar Beta 1.9.4 Jul 2, 2017
AgriculturalRevolution-1.9-0.7.3.jar Beta 1.9 Aug 4, 2016
1.8.9 Version 0.7.3 Beta 1.8.9 Jul 31, 2016
1.8 Version 0.7.2 Beta 1.8 Jan 11, 2016

Author: mr_moeman

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