AdvanceTime Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

AdvanceTime is a core mod designed to enhance the default Minecraft time mechanics.

  • Able to play on Vanilla servers
  • Variable day length; longer or shorter days
  • Time always goes forward
  • Improved administrator /time command
  • Dates with customizable month and day names
  • New items; digital clock and calendar
  • Sleeping in a bed does not instantly start a new day
  • Login will display user’s gameplay time
  • Login will display how much in-game time has passed
  • Minecraft server log has new server side lag messages
  • Reduced network traffic due to time synchronization
  • AdvanceTime API allows other mods to be compatible

Features not implemented ? yet:

  • New administrator command /calendar
  • Animated digital clock
  • Digital clock block
  • Animated calendar
  • Add calendar block



  • /time
  • /time get dimension [ id ]
  • /time set [ value | morning | day | noon | evening | night | midnight ]
  • /time set [ value | morning | day | noon | evening | night | midnight ] dimension [ id ]
  • /time get|set daylength [ value ]
  • /time get|set daylength [ value ] dimension [ id ]
  • /time add [ value ]
  • /time add [ value ] dimension [ id ]


Known Issues:

  • Other mods will present time incorrectly; for example ComputerCraft or Dynmap. This is because these kinds of mods format time based off Minecraft’s default day length of 24000 ticks.


  • A typical crash is an item ID conflict. To resolve this issue, navigate to .minecraft/config/AdvanceTime directory and open the AdvanceTime.cfg file for editing. The default values for the Digital Clock and Calendar are 744 and 745. If you want an item id of 3000, the value will be 2744 (3000 ? 256).
  • The only severe crash is after the curruption of one or more config files. If this is the case, restore the world from a previous backup. If there is no backup, navigate to the directory where the world is saved, including sub-directories, and delete any advancetime.dimension, advancetime.server, and advancetime.calendar files. Unfortunately, the current time will be lost and settings will be restored back to default .
  • In the event that AdvanceTime does crash or crashes another mod, please e-mail the discription of the crash along with the generated crash report to titled ?AdvanceTime Crash?.



  • There is always an attempt to keep AdvanceTime bug free. If abnormal behavior is introduced during gameplay or a bug is produced in another mod, please e-mail a discription of the bug titled ?AdvanceTime Bug?.


  • [Change] Combined AdvanceTime for Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 into one jar file
  • [Bugfix] AdvanceTime crash while using Java 6

Download Link

For 1.6.4


For 1.6.2

Credits: tonoelowilliams


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