Adamantium Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4


With Adamantium Mod, diamonds are pretty and cool items, but they are too easy to acquire for experienced players after a few minutes of gameplay. That is the reason why Adamantium Mod and Better Than Diamonds Mod are created for the faithful Minecraft players.

After you have mined, you should get your first diamond tools, and build your portal to the nether. Moreover, you can start a new quest: finding Vibranium. It’s a rare ore that you can only find near bedrock level, and it is exclusive to the nether. However, only finding some ore is not everything because Vibranium cannot be crafted into Tools or Armor. You need to combine a few tiny lumps of it, and then craft this together with Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond and Blaze Powder.


Tools have 10 times the durability of Diamond, and are twice as fast. They are also more susceptible to enchanting, even more than Gold.

The Armor has the same resistance than Diamond but it has a very high durability of 128. Additionally, the Chestplate gives you the potion-effect Strength I, and the whole Armor set together gives you Fire Resistance, both permanently.

As these material traits are quite impressive, Vibranium Ore is pretty rare, and it has to be processed into an alloy to even get the material Adamantium to craft anything useful out of it.


  • Vibranium Ore (occurs only in the nether)
  • Vibranium Lump
  • Tiny Lump of Vibranium
  • Adamantium Ingot
  • Adamantium Tools
  • Adamantium Armor


Minecraft Forge

Download Adamantium Mod

For 1.10.2

For 1.9

For 1.8

Author: Reygok

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