AbyssalCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

AbyssalCraft Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a mod centered around exploration with a growing magic influence. Another thing that has been getting more focus is influences from the works of H.P Lovecraft adding more evil, which is already in the mod.

Let’s dig into the mod. The first thing you need in order to get started is a Necronomicon crafted like in the picture below:


Most (if not all) information about things from AbyssalCraft Mod can be found in the Necronomicon. Apart from being a guide book to the mod, the Necronomicon is also serves as a catalyst for performing rituals.
Going in more on the mod, AbyssalCraft Mod features a collection of dimensions known as The Abyss. The world of the dead is split into several layers where each layer is a dimension. The dimensions (4 in total, whereas the fourth is a bit of an extension to the third) are:

  • The Abyssal Wasteland is quite green and inhabited by various undead beings among them. They are the vanilla zombies and skeletons, then new mobs added in the mod.
  • The Dreadlands is red and a place crawling with nameless mutated beings that may or may not have been a normal creature in the past.
  • Omothol is the realm of J’zahar and a dimension consisting of floating islands with a city built upon them. This is where you encounter the final boss.
  • The Dark Realm is a dark place beneath Omothol and populated by living shadows.


In order to reach the various dimensions, one must obtain Gateway Keys. Items is capable of placing down portals when used.

Apart from traveling between dimensions, there is also a pitch of magic in the form of rituals consisting of an altar and pedestals which you place offerings on. There are several different types of rituals. Among them, rituals is where you create items and where you infuse items (turn one item into a different, or simply “upgrade” the item). There are also rituals where you can summon things (the first boss is summoned through such a ritual), and where you can inflict potion effects on nearby entities. If you want to create your own type of ritual, there is an API for that. If you simply want to add your own creation/infusion ritual, that can either be done through the API, or with MineTweaker.

In addition to the rituals, there is also a new form of energy used in order to perform the rituals. This energy is called Potential Energy, and can be obtained through a few methods (this is being expanded).
Along with all of this is also a lot of new blocks (among them: 5 new types of stone, 15 new ores, 2 new types of trees), new items (among them 4 new materials to make tools and armor from, 8 new armor sets, a bunch of new food items).

Enough about quantities of things, the Overworld has also received new content, including 6 new biomes:

  • The Darklands (more “evil” version of a forest/plains blend, purple/indigo grass, contains Darkstone and a new type of tree, Abyssalnite can be found here)
  • Darklands Plains (plains version of the Darklands biome, has close to no trees)
  • Darklands Forest (forest version of the Darklands biome, has a lot more trees)
  • Darklands Highland (extreme hills version of the Darklands biome, more elevated terrain, not that many trees)
  • Darklands Mountains (mountains composed of Darkstone)
  • Coralium Infested Swamp (a teal/turquoise swamp, has Liquid Antimatter underground, along with the large quantity of Coralium, which is more common here than in ordinary swamps or other water-based biomes)


Since I have not mentioned the mobs, let me go over a few of them. There is the Depths Ghoul and Abyssal Zombie (both undead, found in Darklands biomes, swamps, or very commonly in the Abyssal Wasteland), evil counterparts of vanilla animals (Pigs, Cows, Chickens), Living Shadows(Shadow Creature/Monster/Beast, each one stronger than the former), and Lesser Shoggoths ( If you are familiar with the works of H.P Lovecraft, these are smaller versions of those amorphous horrors). That is all the mobs found in the Overworld, whereas some can be found in the dimensions.


  • 6 new types of stone (where all but one can be turned into bricks)
  • 5 new types of tools (one simply consisting of a stronger type of stone)
  • 8 new types of armor (where half of them are upgraded/altered versions of the 4 base ones)
  • 6 new Overworld biomes (among them a swamp, not to mention massive mountains)
  • 42 new mobs (among them 4 bosses)
  • A smaller breed of Shoggoths (you know, those amorphous shape-shifting abominations mentioned in the Cthulhu mythos)
  • Evil animals (ever seen someone being killed by a pig? this mod has that, along with chickens and cows)
  • Mobs and animals composed of antimatter (usually a good idea to keep them from colliding with their regular counterparts, because physics)
  • 4 new dimensions (each more evil than the previous)
  • 15 new ores, among them 3 that generate in the Overworld
  • 2 new explosives (one is used a core component for the other)
  • Statues representing Great Old Ones
  • 17 new food items (among them flesh you probably shouldn’t eat, food on plates and MREs)
  • 4 new Machines (allowing you to manipulate materials on a atomic level, or simply engrave coins)
  • 2 new trees (one found in the Overworld, other found in the second dimension)
  • 3 new potion effects (each in some way capable of converting an entity into another, whether it’s a plague or simply antimatter)
  • 4 new enchantments (allowing you to spread plagues, or simply deal more damage to living shadows, among things)
  • A new magic system (using ancient grimoires and rituals)
  • A new form of energy (used in conduction with the aforementioned magic system)
  • And lastly a book that keeps track on information regarding most of these things (things not directly mentioned are likely not that tied to progression, but a section for misc information is being put together for that)
  • There also an API that you can interact with the mod through.




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AbyssalCraft Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
AbyssalCraft-1.12.2- Release 1.12.2 Apr 21, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.11.2- Release 1.11.2 Apr 21, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.10.2- Release 1.10.2 Apr 21, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.12.2- Release 1.12.2 Apr 12, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.12.2- Release 1.12.2 Mar 24, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.11.2- Release 1.11.2 Mar 24, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.10.2- Release 1.10.2 Mar 24, 2018
AbyssalCraft-1.12.2-1.9.4.jar Release 1.12.2 Oct 19, 2017
AbyssalCraft-1.11.2-1.9.4.jar Release 1.11.2 Oct 19, 2017
AbyssalCraft-1.10.2-1.9.4.jar Release 1.10.2 Oct 19, 2017
AbyssalCraft-1.9.4- Release 1.9.4 Nov 19, 2016
AbyssalCraft-1.9- Release 1.9 Nov 19, 2016
AbyssalCraft-1.8.9- Release 1.8.9 Nov 19, 2016

Author: Shinoow

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