3D Maneuver Gear Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4

3D Maneuver Gear Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4 is a attempt on creating 3D maneuver gear in Minecraft. It has a fully functional dual wielding system (without any coremodding), bauble rendering system and some flawed vector math.




First Person View


Third Person View


Suspended under a bridge


Third person movement


First person movement




How to use:

Get started:

  • First you craft a set of Maneuver Gear and a Maneuver Gear handle. The maneuver gear is equipped in the belt slot, and the handle is used to operate it. You will notice that it is dual wielded. From Minecraft 1.9.4 and onwards, you need to equip one handle in each hand.
  • Left clicking operates the left handle, right clicking the right. It is not difficult to understand. Regular click swings the respective weapon, but it does not do any damage. That is right because you first have to equip a blade into the handle. Blades can be equipped on the handle by equipping them from your holster. You can visually see how many blades you have left in each holster and there is a tooltip as well.
  • To equip a blade from the holster ctrl + click (left for left handle/holster, right click for the right).

How do I get blades in my holster?

  • Craft a couple, and right click with a blade in your hand to put them in the right holster and shift-right click to put them in the left holster. Yes, you can hit enemies with a bare blade, but you will probably cut yourself.
  • Okay, now that you have got down how to equip blades and attack. Let’s talk about using the maneuver gear. Shift + click launches a grapple (again, left click the left and right click the right), a subsequent shift + click instantly retracts the corresponding grapple.
  • It is possible to start reeling in a grapple (and pulling yourself towards the hooked grapple) by holding the hotkey (default: ‘z’ for left and ‘x’ for right).
  • P.S. You will take fall damage a lot. That’s why there is special impact compensating boots to reduce fall damage. Or you could use something else to prevent fall damage.


Minecraft Forge

Baubles Mod

3D Maneuver Gear Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
3DManeuverGear-1.10.2-0.11.0.jar Release 1.10.2 Jul 16, 2017
3DManeuverGear-1.9.4-0.9.jar Release 1.9.4 Jul 5, 2016
3DManeuverGear-1.8.9-0.6.jar Release 1.8.9 Feb 29, 2016
3DManeuverGear-1.7.10-0.6.jar Release 1.7.10 Feb 29, 2016

Author: InfinityRaider

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