10 Drops Challenge Map: Wood 1.10.2

You need to jump and dodge the obstacles with only 10 tries! That’s the challenge, so I can watch Minecrafters and Youtubers playing my map and see if they can beat it. As you see this map is themed, so there will be more maps coming soon.

The objective is to dodge different obstacles while falling and land in the water at the bottom. The catch? You only get 10 drops to beat it. Every obstacle has different patterns and I recommended that you try to move while falling.

This map is made to be hard, but you can choose 3 different difficulties: Normal, Easy, Very Easy.

  • The normal difficulty is like a normal dropper when you hit an obstacle you die,
  • but the easy difficulty has 1 invulnerability
  • and the very easy difficulty has 3.

What is invulnerability? It will keep you alive even if you fall very high and hit an obstacle. After you hit an obstacle it will remove one of your lives, and if you’re out of lives you will now be vulnerable to die.


  • No changing gamemodes.
  • No breaking blocks.
  • No placing blocks.
  • Don’t do /kill.


  • Map HUB.
  • Game Difficulties.
  • 10 Droppers.
  • Youtuber Credits.
  • Clickable Signs.
  • Multiplayer Friendly.
  • In Queue System
  • 15 – 30 minutes gameplay


  • Q : Can i Play with my friends?
  • A : Yes you can just do this Allow Cheats,Allow Command Blocks, disable Clouds and Play on Survival.
  • Q : Can i Cheat e.g ( /gamemode c ) ?
  • A : Yes you can it’s just warned you .
  • Q : Can i Record this for my video ?
  • A : Yes you can but you must give me a credit.



Map Trailer:

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2



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